White Papers

  1. A New Model for Pricing Drugs of Uncertain Efficacy
    with Dana Goldman, Karen Van Nuys, Wei Han Cheng, Jakub Hlavka, Erik Snowberg, NEJM Catalyst, 2018

  2. Managing a Crypto-Currency Portfolio Via Minmax Drawdown Control

  3. Sustainable Reimbursements: Towards a Unified Framework for Pricing Drugs with Significant Uncertainties
    with Valentina Mantua, Erik Snowberg, Entela Xoxi, Luca Pani, CESifo Working Paper Series No 6846, 2018

  4. Celestial Mechanics with Scratch: A Course for Incredibly Ambitious Kids

  5. Encouraging Workers to Self-Report Exposition to COVID19
    with Laura Boudreau, 2020 [supplementary materials] [coverage: Harvard Business Review]

  6. Opportunities for New PhD Economists, 2021
    with Pascaline Dupas, Ben Golub, 2020 [supplementary materials]

  7. The Cost of Imbalance in Clinical Trials
    with Rong Feng, 2020