White Papers

  1. Allocating Suddenly Reduced Natural Gas and Energy Supplies
    with Markus Brunnermeier, 2022

  2. Managing Energy Prices through Strategic Procurement
    with Markus Brunnermeier, Juan Ortner, 2022

  3. Celestial Mechanics with Scratch: A Course for Incredibly Ambitious Kids

  4. Encouraging Workers to Self-Report Exposition to COVID19
    with Laura Boudreau, 2020 [supplementary materials]
    Coverage: Harvard Business Review

  5. Opportunities for New PhD Economists, 2021
    with Pascaline Dupas, Ben Golub, 2020 [supplementary materials]

  6. The Cost of Imbalance in Clinical Trials
    with Rong Feng, 2020

  7. Managing a Crypto-Currency Portfolio Via Minmax Drawdown Control

  8. A New Model for Pricing Drugs of Uncertain Efficacy
    with Dana Goldman, Karen Van Nuys, Wei Han Cheng, Jakub Hlavka, Erik Snowberg, NEJM Catalyst, 2018

  9. Sustainable Reimbursements: Towards a Unified Framework for Pricing Drugs with Significant Uncertainties
    with Valentina Mantua, Erik Snowberg, Entela Xoxi, Luca Pani, CESifo Working Paper Series No 6846, 2018